a thing

a thing
a thing, etc
Not at all, not one, etc

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a thing
— used in negative statements

I can't see a thing [=I can see nothing] without my glasses on.

The guests will be here soon, and I don't have a thing (that is appropriate) to wear.

Don't worry about a thing. I'll take care of everything.

I can't do a thing to stop them!

I got there early so I wouldn't miss a thing.

The police couldn't get a thing out of him.

She refused to tell me a thing about it.

I haven't heard a thing from him since graduation.

We haven't had a thing to eat all day.

Forget what he said–it doesn't mean a thing. [=it has no meaning or importance; it's not true]

None of this will mean a thing if we lose.

She doesn't look a thing like [=anything like] her older sister.

His new album doesn't sound a thing like his last one. [=his new album sounds nothing like his old one]

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